Worldwide ranking of websites losing ad revenue due to adblocking

We recently published the first estimated worldwide ranking of revenue losses due to adblocking.

The losses are affecting all the websites and lines of business

The ranking, based on the million websites hosting the strongest monthly audiences worldwide and per country, lists the top 100 websites losing the most advertising revenue.

First lesson: everyone’s concerned. E-commerce or online video giants, media or adult websites, the haemorrhaging is global.

Among the world’s top 100, we find websites like Youtube losing more than 1 billion dollars per year or Yahoo losing more than 674 million dollars per year.

Here is the top 10 websites in the US and in the UK:

Worldwide ranking of revenue losses due to adblocking - US top 10

Worldwide ranking of revenue losses due to adblocking - UK top 10

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A phenomenon that keeps growing

Over the past few years, the number of adblocker users has increased, the main reasons of this raise being the ads too intrusive and the protection of the data, as shown in the latest sudy of IAB-IPSOS in march 2016.

In the US, we count 18% of adblocker users among web users and 419 million users worldwide. Their motivations are mainly due security (30%) and interruption in what they’re doing (29%).

Antoine FERRIER-BATTNER, founder and CEO of AdBack, has analyzed the topic for several years. He says:

“We identify advertising revenue losses due to adblockers between 15 and 20% for the content publishers. For the publishers who are forced to publish free content because of their size or the economic model of their industry, it represents a cut of 15% to 20% of their global income.”


A ranking that aims to raise awareness that if solutions exist, it is urgent to put them in place

Antoine FERRIER-BATTNER, CEO of AdBack explains:

“The objective is to raise awareness about the scale of the adblocking phenomenon. The estimated revenue loss could reach 92 million dollars per year in the US for big websites like YouTube, even more for certain website categories whose audience blocks more ads than the average.”

The phenomenon concerns as much publishers as advertisers. The publishers’ revenue are affected, which endangers the funding of their activities. From an advertiser point of view, there is also a major stake since the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns is reduced by adblocking.

In this context, AdBack’s mission is to propose alternative solutions to advertising to access the content and also to adapt these propositions to every user profile. This is what the start-up put in place in fall 2016 with the GESTE as part of an awareness campaign about adblocking that brought together all the french media.

“With AdBack, explains Antoine FERRIER-BATTNER, we’re developing tools to re-engage dialogue between users and publishers and offer everyone the chance to benefit from this operating method. For that purpose, we have a tailored consulting approach for every publisher: the needs of a small and a big publisher are different. This is also true if you’re in the information, in online sales or entertainment. Our solutions allow to win back 28 to 60% of these revenues that are the primary source of remuneration for publishers. We can reach three times more web users thanks to the display of targeted messages offering alternative solutions to a simple deactivation. These solutions can be video ads, mini-surveys, subscriptions to newsletters… All sorts of advertising engagement to offer users the choice.”


The ranking methodology

On our website, we allow to visualize the worldwide ranking of the websites, to filter by country, to search for a particular website or to submit a website that is not appearing in the list in order to know its lost revenue. 

We used the list of the million websites of Alexa based on the audiences and then calculated for that list the estimated advertising revenue loss. 

Here is the calculation method:
Number of blocked elements x $0.42 CPM x adblocker rate of the country x page views x 12

All the sources used are available on the ranking page.

Following this ranking, we created an interactive infographic of the losses per country. Check it out!

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