AdBack won a bronze award at the “Com une startup” competition

On November 9th, our young startup has been selected among the three finalists in the category “ROI on recruiting campaign” of the “Com’ une startup” competition organized by La Big Address!

The prize

We want to thank the organizers and the jury of this competition as well as Géraud D’Astorg, sponsor of our category, for choosing AdBack as a bronze winner for a project that means a lot to us. Through this award, we wish to continue to raise awareness on the impact of adblockers and on the importance of implementing the most adapted monetization solutions. We want to build a solution of tomorrow allowing to secure the sites’ revenues as well as a smooth browsing experience for users.

Raise awareness on the adblocking impact

Adblocking is a growing phenomenon. It concerns in average 30% of the audience, but the rate can go up to 50% depending the category of the site. Even though publishers are taking more and more seriously this topic, certain websites don’t fully realize the impact on the display of the site or on their revenues. Today, a website loses in average 15 to 20% of its ad revenues, or even more because of higher adblocker rate.

At AdBack, we have been thinking about it for a while. “How to increase the awareness on the adblocking impact on websites?”. We decided to be the first ones to show the real adblocking impact on sites revenues at a global scale. Earlier this year we published a worldwide ranking with the most affected sites by adblocking giving an estimation of their annual ad revenue loss.

After long consideration, we determined a methodology to calculate the most precise estimation. We based our ranking on the Alexa rank listing websites by their audience volume. We selected the top 1 million websites with the highest monthly audiences and applied a following formula to estimate the annual revenue losses of each site (find the results and sources on our website):
(Number of blocked elements) x ($0.42 CPM) x (adblocker rate of the country) x (number of pageviews) x 12

Here is the result of the top 10 websites losing the most revenues in the world:

Top 10 websites losing revenue to adblock

Campaign results

Being the first ones to publish this type of ranking improved our reputation and reliability in comparison to our competitors as well as confirmed our expertise regarding adblocking.

With more than 40 posts of our ranking in the press around the globe our visibility increased and brought us some daily audience peaks: 20 times higher than during previous months in average.  

Another peak in our audience we generated by publishing a detailed overview of each page of the site on the ranking (example with YouTube). The referencing of our pages generated a significant natural traffic. We recorded traffic peaks that were more than 200 times higher than two months ago. Today it’s still one of the main sources of the traffic entry on our site.

After these natural fallouts we began an email prospection targeting those websites listed in the ranking. Automated and personalized emails with the ranking data were well received by websites. We received a lot of responses from websites that were interested in our solution. It allowed us to start testing and acquire customers on all continents.

Protect access to the free content

As the adblocker rate increases, more and more sites are losing significant amounts of money. And where will we be in few years? The worst case scenario: adblocking will kill the access to free content and will mark the beginning of the paid subscription. It is up to us, web players, to preserve the access to free content by putting an end to intrusive and non-contextualized advertising.  

By the way, who are we?

We are among those who want to restore a balance between websites and users. On one hand, we want to help websites to recover their lost ad revenue. On the other hand, we want to help users to have a better user experience without using an adblock.

AdBack is a tool enabling every publisher to analyze and understand the behavior of their adblocker users. To profile their users with the help of detailed statistics and to establish a dialogue by offering several alternatives to ads. We also propose non-intrusive, unblockable and contextualized ads according to the page content.

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