5 ways to beat adblocking



Online advertising is becoming a decreasingly viable business model as more and more web users employ an adblocker. This leaves publishers in a difficult position – how is it possible to keep creating free content without the support of ad revenue? However there are solutions which can help websites recover up to 60% of the lost ad revenue. Read on to find out 5 simple ways you can beat adblocking and recover your ad revenues!


Analyze your users

1- Analyze your users

According to a recent study by PageFair, 11% of the global population uses an ad blocker, and this number can be even higher depending on the type of website. Analyzing adblock users will enable you to understand their behaviour on your site: where they come from, which pages are the most blocked, what type of adblocker they use, with which browser etc. You can then use this information to create user profiles and then adapt your messaging depending on each target.

Make site visitors pay for your content

2- Make site visitors pay for your content

Forcing your visitors to pay for your content will likely lead to many leaving the website immediately. This is why a preliminary analysis is important to understand your users and to be able to identify the right moment to ask your users to pay. For example, you could define and then test a threshold of how much content is available for free to see if helps increase conversion.

Lock your content

3- Lock your content

According to a recent analysis of over 250 million sessions by AdBack, 18% of users deactivate their ad blocker when a website asks them to – however 53% then end up later reactivating. Locking your content is a possible solution but it is most effective if you use it according to certain conditions. For example, locking your content after the user visits three pages or lock specific types of content which the reader will find valuable.

Suggest watching a video

4- Suggest watching a video

When a user comes to your website, give them the option to be exposed to an ad. This offers them the opportunity to choose an alternative to deactivation and maximizes your chances to retain them on your site. Try to establish a balanced dialogue and let your users understand that these solutions allow you to preserve a free access to the content. Video is a great way to engage users and, as an added bonus, the advertising impact of video is two times higher than the impact of classic formats.

Offer the option to answer a survey

5- Offer the option to answer a survey

As an alternative to video, surveys are also an effective mechanism to engage users. Collecting user opinions will let your advertisers poll potential target audiences, test their ads or better understand their interests. For example “Choose your favourite between the two following ads” or “Which sneakers do you prefer: the red ones or the blue ones?”

Set up AdBack

6 (bonus)- Set up AdBack (for free!)

Installing the AdBack plugin will enable you to easily undertake each of these 5 recommendations: analysis, paywall, content locking, suggesting videos and surveys for your ad block users. Start by creating your adblock user profiles to target your messaging and then A/B test the alternative solutions you’ve put in place to see which has the best conversion rates. On average, AdBack users recover up to 60% of their lost online ad revenue. The WordPress plugin is free to use and you also have the option to connect your Google Analytics account, ad servers and networks in order to have a complete overview of the activity of your adblock audience across all your monitoring tools.

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