5 Best WordPress Paywall Plugins to Monetize Your Site

We’ve made a selection for your of the 5 best WordPress paywall plugins to monetize your site.


AdBack is an analytics tool specialized in the adblocking phenomenon. Use AdBack to recover up to 60% of your lost ad revenue and:

  • Understand your adblocking audience. Analyze precisely the adblocker users behavior (referral traffic, geolocation, browsers, device…) and identify different user profiles
  • Engage them with customized messages. A/B test your messages and adapt them to the different profiles of your adblocker users. Personalize the design, format, theme, customize the text of your message… Choose your targeting, frequency, capping and scenario. Decide if you want to lock a part or all of your content and from how many articles read you want to display a message
  • Propose alternative solutions to advertising: subscription, payments, survey, watching a short video or simple adblocker deactivation
  • Monetize this specific audience, recover your lost ad revenue and get clear statistics about the performance of your messages like the bounce rate, the deactivation rate, the number of subscriptions, the revenue recovered…

Also available on Drupal.


Tinypass is a simple plugin that allows any online publisher to easily sell access to any type of content, whether it’s a blog post, a site subscription, a digital download, or even a pay-per-view video. Use Tinypass to:

  • Ask for payments starting from 2 cents ($0.02) (supports 24 currencies)
  • Decide what content you want to charge for
  • Offer wide choice of payment methods, you don’t need to require your visitors to create an account before making a purchase, and all transactions happen in a quick, secure environment


Any site can use the InPlayer Paywall to generate a new revenue stream from its content. InPlayer accepts all major Credit Cards, and supports pricing in euros, US dollars and British pounds sterling.
Setting up the paywall is simple – download the WordPress plugin and follow the simple step-by-step wizard to create your account.

  • Inplayer only charges when you make money, on a revenue share basis (small fee and percentage per transaction)
  • The revenue share will be automatically deducted from your Paypal account
  • You can offer a range of pricing options to your users including hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tarifs.


Leaky Paywall is available for any website that needs content to be discovered in Google search and shared on social media. What you can do with Leaky Paywall:

  • Let your readers read a number of free articles before they need to subscribe
  • Viral sharing: all your articles can be shared thousands of times on social media
  • Sell live web issues: integrates with IssueM to sell access to individual special issues or traditional weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc issues
  • iOS and Android app publishing: integrates with UniPress to easily give your subscribers access to apps and sell subscriptions in the app stores
  • Granular content restriction: optionally set any article as subscriber only or always free/public


SatoshiPay is a cross-website, 1-click content payment service based on blockchain technology. Don’t need to sign up anywhere or download any additional software for your visitors. With a pre-filled wallet, they will be able to pay for your content with just a single click. Generating extra income with your content through micro or nanopayments has never been this easy!

In addition to charging per post, image, audio, video or download, you can also enable an ad blocker detection, which asks users that have an ad blocker installed for a payment on each post they visit. You can set your own price for this.

As a publisher you only need to install the plugin, register at SatoshiPay Dashboard, create a blockchain wallet for your earnings, and you are ready to go.

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